We do offer boarding!!!

Boarding Rates

Medium-Large dog(s) 20# and over – $40.00 

Small Dog(s) 19# and under– $35.00

Cats – $35.00 

Reptiles, Rabbits and Birds are $10 but you must bring their own set-up

Multi-DOG discounts (do not apply to cats or other types of pet(s) boarding)

If 2 dogs: 1st dog full price, 2nd dog $5.00 off price

If 3 or more dogs: $5.00 off each price

We Charge PER dog!!!

Discounts do not apply to dogs that are boarded separately!



Please do not bring any extra belongings with the pet.  We can store leashes and food in the shelves for pet(s) in back but bedding, toys, bowls, etc.…sometimes get mixed up or left behind.  To prevent loss of belongings please do not bring anything extra with your pet except for Food and of course your fur baby.

We do supply litter and boxes for cats.  Only bring the kitty and their food of choice.

We charge by 24 hour period.  What ever time you drop off is the time we start at.  Whatever time you pick up is the time we stop at.  The prices are based off of this.

For example, if you drop off at 8 a.m. and pick up by 8 a.m. the next day your charged for one day.  Anything after that drop off time we do charge an extra day for. No exceptions!

We do require that all Dogs be up to date on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper and Bordetella Vaccines before they are boarded with us over night.  Proof must be presented before or at check in.  We do have a contract that must be filed out before their stay as well. 

Our Doggie condos are 4 Foot wide x 8 Foot long x 4 Foot tall.

If your pet(s) learn how to jump out of the condos we will crate them for the duration of their stay.

We walk 3 times a day and feed per your schedule requirements.  There is no one who lives on site but we are here for long hours making your pets stay is as comfortable as possible.

We do offer Group Playtime for all pets who are able to participate.  However, if your pet is NOT FIXED (spay/neutered) they will not be able to participate in group play.  Also, please notify us if you have ANY concerns.  We can offer single playtime for those pets who prefer the company of themselves.  You MUST notify us if your pet has a history of aggression.  Any pet who shows aggression will not be permitted to return.  We love to have a fun and safe time with all of our fur family members.